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Bookingform Ajaxloader ( v4.0 )
Bookingform Ajaxloader ( v4.0 ) (Code: JPD-3003)
Booking Form Ajax loader and block page for Jomres
Joomla: J!2.5.x - J!3.x
Jomres Min. Ver.: 8.1.8
Languages: 1 language
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Plugin installable thought Jomres 3rd party installer - DOES NOT HACK CORE FILES

Download link will be available for 6 months after purchase date to download updates if needed

License: GPLv2 or Later - Open source code

This plugin adds a an ajax loader and block page functionality and is triggered when a user changes arrival or departure date, number of guests or select/unselect a room that is when Jomres does it's maths. Ideal for slow servers to let the user know that Jomres is working on the background also provides a professional feel and look. Since v4.0 the block page and loader is available in any Jomres page when an Ajax even is being triggered.

V2.0 Jomres 7.3 compatible
V2.1 Jomres 7.5.4 compatible
V3.0 Jomres 8.0.0 compatible
V3.1 Jomres 8.1.6 compatible
V3.3 Updated Jomres js
V3.5 Updated jomres.js for Jomres V9.1.5
V3.6 Updated for Jomres V9.6
v4.0 Plugin fully rewrote... now the block pack and ajaxloader is available all over Jomres and jomres.js is not being overriden any longer

Functionality Snapshot

jpd bookingform ajaxloader


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Maybe you don't need any custom development because all that you need is already included into the Jomres core but you don't know how to set it up properly, just leave it to us we know Jomres up side down and we also have experience building online bookings solutions.



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