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From JED - JPD MultiDelete & Clone Property.

"Very useful and great support! - It is very easy to use, self explanatory. The support is excellent. After an update of Jomres, there were only a few hours after the right update of the plugin."

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Go back to plugins list JPD Active Booking Carousel v3.4

Quick scroll booking calendar with daily prices for Jomres

Jomres Min. Ver. 9.8.13
CMS Joomla! Wordpress
Multilang Yes
Code: JPD-4010

This plugin changes the booking page concept, instead users are going to see a calendar in the details page, it shows daily prices, also users are able to select arrival and departure date using a scroll feature, by selectng dates the booking engine is triggered giving users the chance to select guests, rooms, extras, fill up coupon codes and guest details, finally perform the booking without leave the page.


  • Overrides the booking task so when clicking on any book now or enquiry users are redirected to details page with the calendar.
  • 7 different color themes.... default(gray),cyano,blue(facebook blue),orange, full-green,full-red and dark.
  • We have changed the style and the page concept but the booking engine itself remainds the same with the power given by Jomres.
  • Option to set the totals wrapper and book button in a fix position making it visible to the user when scrolls down the page.

Note: to be able to see the prices in the calendar you need to have installed the core plugin "Enhanced Property List Totals".

  • Ajax driven
  • Customizable via back end interface
  • Quick Install via Jomres 3rd party installer
NOTE: ONLY available for Bootstrap 3 templates (Like the one it comes with Jomres default template Lehotian).
Plugin installable thought Jomres 3rd party installer - Overrides core files ( j06000viewproperty.class.php )
Download link will be available for 6 months after purchase date to download updates if needed.
License: GPLv2 or Later - Open source code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep using the extension after it expired ?


If you have purchased a pack/bundle subscription, you have a year access to downloads, updates and support. For individual plugin purchases the access is for 6 months. After that period, you can keep using the version you have installed. However, you will no longer be able to update to newer versions or receive support. You can choose to renew your subscription to gain access again.

Can I install the extension on multiple domains?


You can install the extension on as many domains as you want. There is no domain check or restriction.

Can I customize the plugin code ?


The extensions are fully open source and the code is NOT encrypted in any way. No use of Zend Optimizer or ionCube.

Have in mind that If you alter the plugin then you will not receive support.

For how long is a subscription valid ?

The JPD Bundle or JPD Theme Pack are valid for a whole year whereas any single plugin purchase is valid for 6 months.

Supscriptions will NOT auto-renew. If you want to extend your subscription, you will need to buy a renewal manually.

Renewals will extend your subscription, for the JPD Bundle and JPD Theme Pack if you renew before the expiration date then you get a 20% discount.

I have no Paypal, how can I pay ?

If you have a credit card you can still pay via the Paypal connection without needing a Paypal account.You can fill your credit card details in the form that appears. You don't need to create a Paypal account there.

If you still don't want to pay via PayPal so you avoid to pay their commission then at checkout there is the option to pay with credit card.

How can I cancel my subscription ?

Supscriptions will NOT auto-renew. So they expire after the expire date.

This means that you don't have to cancel your subscription. Just let it run out.

Functionality Video
Cyano theme snapshot
Jomres tagging enigne


Full green theme snapshot
Jomres tagging enigne


Back-end settings Snapshot
Jomres tagging enigne
+ Added    - Removed    # Fixed    ^ Changed

v3.4 09 aug 2018

+Updates needed for Jomres 9.11 PM.

#Bunch of notices.

v3.3 15 mar 2018

+Updates needed for Jomres 9.10 PM.

v3.1 31 jul 2017

+ Added an option to disable the Ajax loader/blockpage

v3.0 05 jun 2017

+ Plugin available for Jomres >= 9.9

v2.7 4 apr 2017

# Fixed an issue with Joomla SEF.

v2.6 15 oct 2016

+ Plugin available for Jomres >= 9.8.18.

v2.5 13 oct 2016

#Issue with embeded booking form.

v2.4 04 oct 2016

+ Plugin available for Jomres >= 9.8.13.

^ Tweaks needed so it works with "JPD Jomres Discount".

v2.3 16 sep 2016

#Confirmation modal rendering twice in some occasions.

v2.2 14 sep 2016

+ Plugin available for "no tabs" template.

#A bunch of notices.

v2.1 03 aug 2016

#A bunch of notices.

v2.0 21 jul 2016

+ Option to enable disable calendar based on device.

+ Side arrows for betther UX.

^ Year digits to four.

v1.2 19 jul 2016

# Issue with confirmation page modal.

- Console log.

v1.1 16 may 2016

^ How calendar slide down behaviour works.

# Issue with "JPD Jomres Discounts" plugin.

^ When needed JS files are being loaded.

+ Warning message if core plugin "Enhanced Property List Totals" is not installed.

^ Some text strings.