Terms of Service

Acceptance of the software license

By downloading and/or installing our software on any site you explicitly agree to the terms of its license, GNU General Public License version 3 or, at your choice, any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license is included  with our software. If you did not receive a copy of the license please refer to the License page on our site or use the Contact Us page to request an electronic copy of the license.

No warranty

Our services are provided as-is, without any warranty whatsoever.


If you do not agree with these Terms, you are not allowed to use our services. Moreover, any use of our services implies the unconditional and immediate acceptance of the aforementioned terms, waiving your legal rights to uphold them. Acting in violation of these Terms of Service constitutes a violation of our copyright and abuse of a computer system.

"Cool-off" period and refunds policy

In compliance to EU directives, you are entitled to 30 calendar days of "cool-off" period. If within those 30 calendar days you have not used our services (explicitly: you have not downloaded our software and have not requested software support) you are eligible for a full refund of your purchase, no questions asked. This "cool-off" period is provided in accordance to Article 6, §1 of Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 1997 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts and the Directive 2011/83/EU which replaces it.

However, if you have already downloaded our software and/or already made use of our support services you are not eligible for a refund, even in the first 14 calendar days according to Directive 2011/83/EU, Article 16, §m which states: "the supply of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the consumer’s prior express consent and his acknowledgment that he thereby loses his right of withdrawal."

Explicitly: when you click on a software download link, or use any method provided by your web server / CMS to initiate such a download , or request software support from us you are giving us your express and unreserved consent to begin the provisioning of the software download and support service you have purchased from us, waiving your right of withdrawal from the subscription contract, making you ineligible for a refund. 

Clarification for renewals and their eligibility for a refund: renewals are considered new purchases, not a continuation of your previous subscription. As a result you can get a refund in 14 calendar days before the conclusion of the contract which means:

  • Any time before the activation of your renewed subscription.
  • Within 14 days from the activation of your renewed subscription, but only if you have neither downloaded the software nor made a software support request since the exact date & time your renewed subscription was activated.

In any other case, no refunds will be given whatsoever. By using our software download and support services you explicitly declare that you accept our policy of no refunds beyond the provisions of aforementioned European Union Directive and the member state laws which enforce it.

Further clarification: if you bought the wrong subscription or you failed to use a valid coupon code you have in possession please contact us immediately. Even though we cannot issue a refund, we can always convert your subscription to the correct type and / or adjust the duration of your subscription to match what you paid.

Support policy

We only provide support to our subscribers via email . We will not provide support by any other means including, but not limited to, regular mail,, Twitter, Facebook, Skype and so on. To make this absolutely explicit: for all intents and pruposes it is as though you never sent us any communication. Even if you receive a response from us in any way it does not constitute, indicate or imply that we accept, acknowledge or take into account your reply in any way whatsoever.

Subscription is not to be considered as a guarantee of response time or a service level agreement. All support email replies are answered on a "best effort" basis.

Typically we work Monday to Thursday, 9am to 2pm and 16pm to 7pm and Fridays 9am to 2pm Spain timezone (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/spain/madrid).There is no guaranteed response time or service level agreement. Emails sent outside working hours OR during unavailability periods are typically replied in the next working day and ONLY during our working hours as explicitly described above. Any replies or other communication sent to you outside our working hours or during an unavailbility period do not constitute, indicate, or otherwise imply that we can or will respond to any further inquiries, replies or other forms of communication, contacts or requests filed by you or anybody else outside our working hours or during our unavailbility period.

WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE SUPPORT. Support is provided by who write the software.

We reserve the right to provide no support for outdated versions of our software, when your server environment does not meet our minimum requirements or when you have modified the core code files shipped with your site's script or our software beyond what the respective developers reasonably expect you to do in the normal course of using their software. Support policy details regarding different versions of our software and server environment are detailed in our release announcements.

We will not provide support for issues not related to our software or services. The scope of our support is strictly confined to our software. We cannot provide support for your operating system, hosting (including but not limited to: file management, PHP setup, web server configuration setup, usage limits), your CMS / web application (such as but not limited to Joomla!, WordPress) or anything that is not part of the code that has been written us and is part of the software package we distribute from our site.

We reserve the right to decline support if the request or the conversation is conducted in a language other than English or Spanish or when the language barrier makes it impossible to provide meaningful support.

We reserve the right to request access to an affected site when we conclude that any other means of support would be ineffective. In this case we will decline all further support when access to the affected site is denied by the client or objectively impossible, e.g. wrong access credentials provided more than once.

We reserve the right to decline providing support on a case by case basis (even though we do try to help everyone), with or without a reply to email, in case the request includes foul language, accusations or otherwise indicates that it is hihgly unlikely that you are willing to help us resolve your issue in a meaningful way.

We assume no responsibility for any issues directly or indirectly caused by our support efforts, as per the "No warrantly" article of this policy.

We reserve the right to decline further support about an issue when the client does not accept our technical analysis, declines to follow our advise, disputes our suitability to provide support, declines to provide information necessary to perform troubleshooting, declines to pursue the matter with their host or a third party developer that we have identified as the root cause of the issue or otherwise displays behavior which indicates that they are unlikely to let us provide meaningful support.

Requesting support from us does not guarantee a solution and we provide no service level agreement whatsoever. Even though we will do whatever is humanly possible for us to help you there are things objectively outside our control -such as limitations of the programming language, restrictions imposed by your ISP / host, technical limitations of your CMS / web application etc- which may prevent us from offerring a solution. In these cases we will present you with our technical analysis and tell you who's responsible for the root cause of your issue. At this point you are to accept the issue as resolved from our side. Should you need to pursue this matter with the person, companh or organization responsible for the root cause is entirely up to you and we cannot interfere, prevent or help you with this endeavour in any way.

Updates to our ToS

We reserve the right to add, remove or modify any section, article or paragraph of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy without prior notice. All changes are effective immediately.




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